Cracking the Code: Unveiling the Billion-Dollar Kingdom of A-Rod Corp

Alex Rodriguez's A-Rod Corp is his biggest success, from baseball glory to business triumphs. Discover how and why this billion-dollar empire came to be.

What is A-Rod Corp?

Alex Rodriguez created A-Rod Corp. in 1995, motivated by a desire to guarantee his future. The former baseball player hoped to escape the financial difficulties that so many players experienced. With his first acquisition of a duplex in 2003, he set out on a successful road.

How much it worth today?

A-Rod Corp, led by Alex Rodriguez, has amassed a massive net worth. This fully integrated real estate and development firm based in Miami specializes in investing in potential ideas and growing them into successful businesses.

Who owns A-Rod Corp?

A-Rod Corp has been managed by its namesake, Alex Rodriguez, since its beginnings. The firm grew from a single apartment to hundreds of units and stakes in over 30 projects. Despite his baseball accomplishments, Rodriguez's primary love is business.

What businesses does Alex Rodriguez have?

Rodriguez's successful career includes businesses such as Newport Property Construction and investments in firms such as Vita Coco and Snapchat, in addition to launching A-Rod Corp. He was the Chairman of Presidente USA, a hotel investment firm, and a sports club ownership venture with Jennifer Lopez.

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