Jaw-Dropping Twist: 7'4" Victor Wembanyama's Step Into Yankees Stadium Leaves Fans Speechless Just 48 Hours Before NBA Draft!

The NBA awaits Victor Wembanyama's debut with anticipation as the French sensation continues to captivate fans worldwide. In a surprising turn of events, just 48 hours before the draft, Wembanyama's appearance at Yankee Stadium has left fans buzzing with excitement.

Victor Wembanyama was seen in Yankees stadium

NBA prospect Victor Wembanyama visited Yankee Stadium before the draft, throwing the first pitch. Despite the slight miss, fans flocked to see him. A photo revealed his massive hand engulfing a regular-sized baseball, hinting at his effortless ball control.

Fans lose it over Wembanyama’s grip

In the picture it was something like, an 'alien' is holding something very tightly, such a big hand he has. Lets check some of the fans comments.

Victor Wembanyama is the bulls eye of NBA right now

The NBA eagerly anticipates Victor Wembanyama's debut, as the French sensation has captured widespread attention. From LeBron James to Kevin Durant, NBA stars eagerly await the chance to face this extraordinary talent. With just 48 hours until the draft, excitement continues to build for the expected number one pick.

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