Los Angeles Dodgers Offer MLB Star a Fresh Contract Despite No Hope Of a Baseball Return

With the 2023 regular season just weeks away, all MLB franchises are securing their roster for a strong season. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not done much to strengthen their squad during the free agency. And now when the Dodgers did make a move, their new signing probably won’t be able to contribute much to the clubhouse.

Who is the new signing?

Andrew Toles, who last played an MLB game in 2018, is struggling with mental health. This is not the first time the LA Dodgers have extended Toles’ contract, despite knowing that he might not be able to contribute to a single game throughout the season.

Dodgers show their support

The Dodgers have not only recognized the 29-year-old’s plight and struggles with schizophrenia but have made sure that they stay behind him with a hand on his back ready to support him if he ever were to stumble. Their love for all their players is apparent in the way they have handled this situation.

How did fans react?

Andrew Toles might have a horrible run-in with mental health issues, but the support of his team and his father is certainly something he is truly fortunate to have. And the baseball community certainly agrees!

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