Mysterious Yankee Stadium Scene Stumps Fans and Goes Viral: What’s Really Happening?

As the Canadian wildfires cast a smoky haze over Yankee Stadium, baseball players face an unexpected challenge. Undeterred, the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox press on with the game, while spectators find amusement and draw parallels to beloved movies.

New York Yankees time is not so good

As the Yankee's captain Aaron Judge is out of the field, The time was tough for the Yanks on the ballpark and it did not hide from anyone's eye. However, the main issue was somewhere else. 

The Viral Photo: Orange sky covered the whole area

The Air quality index has fallen by many folds due to the Canadian wildfire. However, the polluted sky did not let the enthusiasm of the fans, they enjoyed the match, Yanks vs. White Sox despite their eyes hurting. Talkin Yanks' shared the image of Yankees stadium on Twitter, which drove fans crazy and anxious. 

Fans needed to "Clean Glasses"

While the worst Air Quality hits New York and health advisories were also issued regarding that, fans did not forget to pen down their notes. Here are some of the fan's comments. 

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