The Mystery Unveiled Behind the Peculiar Saturday Night Schedule of the Las Vegas Grand Prix!

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, set for November 18th at 10 PM local time. It broke tradition by racing on a Saturday night instead of the usual Sunday. F1 made this shift for optimal global viewership.

Viewership Considerations

F1 moved the Las Vegas Grand Prix to Saturday night due to global time zone variations. This decision ensures better broadcasting hours for European fans without inconvenient time slots.

Strategic Shift for Global Audience

Las Vegas' Sunday race morning corresponds to Sunday afternoon in Asia, accommodating the eastern side of the globe. CEO Renee Wilm highlights this as a crucial compromise for international viewership.

 Challenges of a Night Race in Las Vegas

The decision to race at 10 PM introduces uncertainties, especially in the freezing temperatures expected to drop to 5°C. This poses challenges for teams and drivers dealing with temperature-sensitive Pirelli Rubber.

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