Unlike Lewis Hamilton’s “Diva” Behavior, Max Verstappen’s ‘Sweetness’ Has F1 Drivers Spellbound

Published 11/08/2023, 4:30 AM EST

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There are hardly any sports more competitive and with higher stakes than Formula 1. The stakes in F1 mean serious money, recognition, fame, and exposure. This is exactly why most drivers have two faces, one with the helmet on and one without the helmet. However, not all are fame and money-driven. Some just want to win and showcase their skills. This is exactly the kind of driver Max Verstappen is.

The Dutchman is one of the most ruthless and unforgiving drivers on the grid, and his radio messages and actions are proof of that. However, off the track, he is a completely different person. In fact, a recent admission tells us that someone who appears sweet, like Lewis Hamilton, might be not the same off the track. First, let’s talk about Verstappen.

Max Verstappen termed the sweetest person off track despite his ruthless nature


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Verstappen might’ve left his Mad Max persona in the past. However, his nature off of the track is completely different and not many know about it. However, speaking on the Eff Won podcast with actor Dax Shepard, Red Bull boss Christian Horner revealed the Dutchman’s true nature.

Christian Horner said, “But when then when he takes the Helmet off he’s the nicest young guy you can ever meet. Very unassuming, he’s naturally shy, and fame sits uncomfortably with him. Yeah, he’s not a diva or anything like that. He’s just one of the boys.


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Dax Shepard added, “It’s interesting, as I’ve met the other drivers and I, of course, gather gossip about all of them, and every time I hear these stories, yeah, the kind of resounding unanimous feedback is like everyone loves Max. Everyone tells me Max is actually the sweetest guy off the track. And shy and nice.

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So there you have it folks, no matter how he appears on the radio and while he’s driving the car. The Dutchman is a completely different person off the track. A healthy balance every driver needs in this cut-throat sport. However, speaking of the divas, apparently, the Mercedes man Lewis Hamilton is one.

Haas boss Guenther Steiner reveals the diva behavior of Lewis Hamilton

There is apparently a lot of diva behavior in the Mercedes camp and it’s not only the car getting this label. Back in 2021, Hamilton labeled his W12 a diva for the moody performances on the track. Recently, Toto Wolff labeled the W14 a diva whilst Hamilton expressed his excitement at getting rid of the car.

It’s all coming back to Hamilton now as speaking on the TG1F podcast with Kate and Nicole, Haas boss Guenther Steiner labeled the seven-time world champion as a diva as well.


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When asked, “Who would you say is the biggest diva in the paddock?” Steiner deflected and said, “That’s very personal, no?”

However, he then comically replied, Biggest diva – I think Lewis.” The host then quickly justified the behavior and said, “I think he deserves to be a Diva too. He’s earned it at this point.”


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Baffling to know the two have such opposing personality traits, right? Well, let’s hope we keep getting such insights into the lives of these guys in the circus.


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