Denny Hamlin Leaves NASCAR Fans in a Frenzy After Boasting Partner Michael Jordan’s Signature Collection

Being friends and business partners with Michael Jordan has its own perks and Denny Hamlin gave the internet a glimpse of that.

What was the reel?

Hamlin posted a reel with the viral audio questioning how much he paid for the item he’s showing off, where they insist they got it for free.

What did Denny say?

“I get my monthly shipment which is really, really good. It’s good to get things a month in advance before they come out. It’s cool, I’ve got them on my suit, my shoes, my gloves.”

What did he say in addition?

“When you meet the celebrities who come out to the races for the weekend, you shake their hands and I’m the only guy with the Jordan logo. And they say to me, “Oh man, Jordan Brand, that’s cool.” It’s because it’s out of the realm of what people perceive Jordan Brand to do.”

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