Tyler Reddick Admits Michael Jordan Wasn’t “Expecting a Lot” From Him, But It Was a Ploy for the Best

After claiming two back-to-back Xfinity championship titles with JR Motorsports and Richard Childress Racing in 2018 and 2019, respectively, Tyler Reddick has gained some ground in the Cup Series as well. He joined 23XI Racing this season and seems excited to be a part of the team, co-owned by veteran driver Denny Hamlin and NBA legend Michael Jordan.

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Tyler’s initial impression of MJ

“We got right down into it. Got to talk about just anything imaginable, right? Racing, non-racing-related stuff. I know he is involved and he pays attention, but it really surprised me how locked in and involved he really is and how much he pays attention.”

Jordan motivated Reddick

“Even before Daytona, he was busting me pretty good about ‘Hey, you know, your Speedway finishes haven’t been too good.’ I am not expecting a lot on Sunday. That got me fired up. Up until I got collected with Harvick, I had run the cleanest race of my life on a speedway like coming into Pit road like 8th or 9th, coming out 1st or 3rd. I was actually motivated. So, it’s been fun.”

Jordan made sure to check up on Tyler

“Like when I got a little banged up at Martinsville and just a number of other things were going on. Just always checking on me. Hey! Are you alright? How are things going? He checks in all the time too. And that’s been really cool to see.”

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