3 Years After Kobe Bryant Tragedy, Lakers Legend’s Uncanny Driving Force Rescues Dale Earnhardt Jr


Dale Earnhardt Jr., a two-time Daytona champ, made a thrilling return to the NASCAR Xfinity Series at Bristol Motor Speedway, surviving an in-car fire and proving naysayers wrong. His comeback journey was fueled by the words of the late Kobe Bryant.

The Struggles and the Comeback

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s return to racing was not without its challenges. He battled pre-race anxiety and had to prove himself once again in the competitive world of racing. However, he found unexpected inspiration in the words of the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant's Legacy and Dale Jr.'s Revelation

In a podcast, Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a quote by Kobe Bryant that profoundly impacted him. The quote discussed two types of athletes: those driven by fear of failure and those motivated by the pursuit of success. Dale realized that he had been approaching his races with the anxiety of fearing failure. Kobe's philosophy urged him to shift his perspective towards learning and personal growth.

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Transformation and Success

With this new mindset, Dale Earnhardt Jr., now a Class of 2021 NASCAR Hall of Famer, showed his prowess by leading 47 laps at Bristol. He attributed his success to Kobe Bryant's wisdom, which transformed his approach to racing. Instead of worrying about failure, he focused on what he could learn from each race.

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