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The intense and action-packed Cup Series race in Kansas had all the heat for a spicy main course. With Noah Gragson and Ross Chastain throwing punches down in the pit lane, the community certainly witnessed an epic drama. Since then, the Trackhouse Racing Team driver is facing a lot of heat. However, Hall of Famer and NASCAR veteran Dale Jarrett recently came to Chastain’s rescue as he laid down cover fire.

Reporter Noah Lewis had an interesting tweet for the community as he briefed about the veteran covering up for Chastain. Reacting to the 1999 Winston Cup Series winner’s response, several fans sided with his opinion while others simply dismissed the #1 driver for his aggressive style of racing.

Ahead of the Cup Series race at Darlington, the veteran driver opened up about the current situation where drivers just blame the #1 irrespective of the cause.


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Dale Jarrett comes to the aid of Ross Chastain as he dismisses false claims

Despite rumors of drivers conspiring against Chastain, even urging the rookie Gragson to confront him in the pit lane, Jarrett defended Chastain as he revealed his thoughts on the recent happenings. As the brawl went viral on social media, fans were simply surprised to see the young Noah Gragson taking on the Watermelon man.

Surprisingly, a few veterans of the sport came to Chastain’s aid, including Kyle Petty. The 62-year-old driver laid out his thoughts, saying, “Here’s the deal, Ross Chastain drives like Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, like Dale Earnhardt Sr did, in a lot of ways like Joey Logano does. He has one purpose. It’s to win the race.

“He didn’t come to make friends.

“He didn’t come to bake you a cake.”

Furthermore, 3x Daytona winner Dale Jarrett expressed his thoughts too. The senior commentator briefed about the recent situation, saying, “Blaming Ross for everything on the track is getting a little damn ridiculous. Even guys on the opposite side of the track are blaming Ross.”

While the Trackhouse Racing star has developed a feisty reputation, his polarising aura has led to him becoming the new “most hated” driver in the Cup Series.

Soon, #1 fans went on a roll as they fiercely defended Chastain despite his super competitive driving style.

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Several enthusiasts back Dale Jarrett as they troll “crybaby” fans

Fans did not shy away as they took the last stand to cover Chastain. Despite the naysayers still putting the blame on the Floridian, many fans quickly returned fire with solid arguments on the back of Jarrett’s statement.

Mentioning the late great Dale Earnhardt, fans drew out an apparent comparison between ‘the Intimidator and Chastain.

Dale speaking facts. The crybaby fans and certain drivers don’t like to hear it though

While another fan brutally went on the offensive to call out the haters.


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There was a brush fire down the street from my house yesterday. It’s @RossChastain fault.”

Another fan agreed with the veteran, writing, “Even when replays clearly exonerate Ross Chastain, they still blame him.


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While the infamous brawl caught the attention of millions around the world, both Chastain and Gragson will look to dish out more competitive performances as the season progresses.

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