5 Times Drivers Miraculously Survived Lethal Crashes

NASCAR does bring an adrenaline rush with the speed but horrific wrecks are the price to be paid. Here are some of the most devastating crashes in the history of NASCAR that the drivers managed to survive.

#5 Ryan Newman - Daytona 500, 2003

Newman experienced a horrific crash at the 2003’s Daytona 500. The #12 Alltel Dodge landed on its roof after sliding off the track and flipping multiple times. Ryan was uninjured.

#4 Elliott Sadler - Talladega, 2003

After losing control of his car at Talladega in 2003, a deadly scene occurred. The car flipped many times, slid into the grass, and was upside down after making a stop. It was relieving to see Sadler safe.

#3 Rusty Wallace - Talladega, 1993

Three months post his catastrophic crash at Daytona, Wallace had his car hover midair as he ended the race bagging 6th place.

#2 Richard Petty - Daytona, 1988

Petty experienced quite a chaotic crash in 1988 at Daytona. Another car crashed into him followed by several flips. Unharmed, Petty did go through a period of temporary sight loss because of the g-force.

#1 Carl Edwards -  Talladega, 2009

Blocking Brad Keselowski didn’t work in Carl’s favor. Instead, his car hit Newman’s, flipped, and flew into the fence with the debris flying into the stands.

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