5 Times NASCAR’s Nice Guy, Chase Elliott Lost His Temper

With a very calm and likeable personality, Chase Elliott is hands down one of the most popular drivers that NASCAR has currently. Here are 5 moments that had Chase fuming.

#5 Chevrolet Silverado 250, 2013

In a battle for the winning spot, Chase Elliott spun Ty Dillon out of the race in the last lap and emerged victorious.

#4 First Data 500, 2017

Chase Elliott was leading the race and was on his path to bagging his first win in the Monster Cup Series before Denny Hamlin took him out by crashing into his bumper.

#3 Can-Am 500, 2017

Chase Elliott may have gone rogue with this one in his anticipation of winning, pitching Denny Hamlin into the wall after a very close fight.

#2 Pennzoil 400, 2018

Yet again, Chase’s spot at the top was hindered again, this time by none other than Kurt Busch as he lost control and drifted into Chase’s #9.

#1 KC Masterpiece 400, 2018

Ricky Stenhouse Jr’s sly move cost him and Chase both a spot as they both lost a position to Kyle Busch.

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