5 Times Ty Gibbs Gave Ross Chastain A Run For His Money As He Made Enemies

Ty Gibbs is en-route to becomimg public enemy No.1 like Ross Chastain in the NASCAR cup series. After hitting Ty Dillon and Erik Jones in the same race, Gibbs has also had feuds with many other drivers on track, let us take a look at a few of these instances.


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Ty Gibbs vs Ty Dillon.

After getting back on track from his pit, Dillon lost control and rammed his car into Gibbs. To get back at Dillon, Ty Gibbs made contact with Dillon’s right door and pushed him further to the left on the track. 

Ty Gibbs vs Erik Jones.

Ty Dillon wasn’t the only drive Gibbs had an issue with, several seconds after a caution was deployed, Gibbs drove into the rear bumper of Erik Jones. He didn’t spin him but Jones still didn’t take the situation lightly. 

Ty Gibbs vs Sam Mayer.

Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer got into a legitimate fist fight. On the final lap of the race, Gibbs lost the lead after Sam Mayer ran into Gibbs from behind to move him up the racetrack. He actually drove him into the wall. 

Ty Gibbs vs William Byron .

Both the drivers were side by side into the bus stop. Aggressive under braking, for both drivers. Gibbs jumped the curb and ran into the door of William Byron. The contact was enough to send both cars spinning.

Ty Gibbs vs Noah Gragson.

As Gragson nudged the Toyota Gibbs grazed the curb. The Joe Gibbs Racing star responded by tapping Gragson’s Chevy from behind, knocking the leader into the grass.


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