5 Weirdest Race Cars to Ever Hit the NASCAR Track

Liveries are the heart and soul of NASCAR however, through the years there have been some questionable choices made whether for publicity or otherwise. Here are some of the weirdest cars on the NASCAR track.

#5 Cory LaJoie

Cory LaJoie made a rather bold choice by sporting his face as livery for his car at the 2019 Daytona 500. His entire face was bedecked on the whole car.

#4 Landon Cassill

Landon Cassill made a rather interesting choice back in 2013 with this livery. There is so much going on here and that too, not in a good way.

#3 Mike Bliss

The Kardashians have always been the talk of the town and things weren’t that different in 2010 either. Mike Bliss made quite some heads turn with this one.

#2 Matt Kenseth

Never thought McDonald’s could do anything bad? Hold that thought. Even if Matt Kenseth is no longer racing in the Cup Series, we can never forget the ‘Big Mac’ sponsorship.

#1 Jimmie Johnson

Madagascar has been a classic but this livery just didn’t seem to be as timeless. Jimmie Johnson has had better liveries but this isn’t one of them.

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