After the Kyle Larson Assault Controversy, Bubba Wallace Claims to Have “Unfinished Business” at Vegas

Cup Series races are known for the daring aggression shown by the drivers on the tracks, and often, fans have witnessed post-race altercations turning violent. Some of the incidents are forgotten beyond the race tracks but some are etched in the memory, at least for the people involved. One such episode was from last year on the Las Vegas track between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson.

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What happened?

The 23XI Racing driver was racing alongside Kevin Harvick in the race at Vegas last year. Kyle Larson charged aggressively past both, causing Wallace to scrap at the wall on lap 95. Bubba turned left on the front stretch and hooked with the right rear of Larson’s car, and he spun directly into the path of Christopher Bell.

Bubba still holds a grudge

Bubba Wallace still seems to hold a grudge for the incident with the Hendrick Motorsports driver as seen in a recent video shared by NASCAR. Wallace says, “I’ve got some unfinished business here at this place. Let’s go out, get it all.”

Bubba lost his cool

Last year, it was like a scene from an action movie when Bubba Wallace got out of his car after the accident. Post the wreck, under caution, Wallace walked to Larson and shoved him a couple of times. Safety workers had to intervene to separate both of them.

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