Bubba Wallace Exposes Boss Denny Hamlin’s Black Lie in Pocono Feud


Even with NASCAR moving ahead from Pocono, the drama refuses to die down. Since the completion of the 2023 HighPoint.com 400 Cup Series race, the NASCAR world has been abuzz with discussions regarding Denny Hamlin’s controversial final lap maneuver.

 Denny Hamlin's Denial

While fans and veterans of the sport have put forth their own views on the infamous Pocono feud, Denny Hamlin’s own driver has now come forth, exposing his black lie. Rolling into Pocono’s Victory Lane after his 50th career win, Denny Hamlin vehemently denied bumping into Kyle Larson’s #5 Chevy during his final lap overtaking maneuver. To take things up a notch, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver then claimed that Kyle Larson wrecked himself.

Bubba Wallace's Views

Speaking to NBC reporter Kim Coon on the NASCAR Live podcast, 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace shared his views regarding the Pocono debacle. Exposing his team owner’s black lie, Wallace said, “That’s the new defense mechanism. Denny touched him by the way, definitely was contact. That late in the corner, you’re showing your true colors, right? You’re showing your full hand.”

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Racing Tactics

Iterating how he has been in similar situations, the 23XI Racing driver added, “I think, I’ve had moments where racing around C. Bell at I think Vegas this year. We would meet each other maybe three-quarter marks of the corner and he would get tight and it would force me to lift. Both had enough time to figure out what was going on, but it’s those moments where he knows that I’m gonna have to lift at some point and I don’t, well then it kinda forces the hand back on the inside guy. Some people will abide by that, some people won’t.”

 So, you find out who you’re racing around, and I mean, Larson did it to me at Vegas, right? It’s happened to a bunch of guys. You look at Ross and Noah at Kansas this year. It’s the new thing. You can’t drive in the corner now and pack air anymore and get somebody loose. Like, you get underneath somebody and get tight and they get tight too. Wallace added.

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