Bubba Wallace & His Wife Amanda Apparently Fined for Violating Hawaiian Law


Bubba Wallace used NASCAR’s week off to get away from all the racing as he visited the mountains, beaches, and waterfalls of Hawaii with his wife, Amanda. 

Wallace has provided plenty of updates on social media regarding their trip to Hawaii. Although he had great fun, the couple apparently broke Hawaiian law, as they were seemingly fined $200. 

Wallace made some self-reflection 

On Instagram, Wallace posted some great pictures of his trip to Hawaii. In the caption, he wrote, “Self-reflection…Really wanted to use this off period to relax and absolutely get away. This year has been the most demanding of them all. It’s what I signed up for, I accept it. I found it very hard to completely escape… A lot of work ahead both on and off the track this year, beyond ready to kick off the 2nd half with more passion and a more defined purpose! Let’s go to work!” 

Denny Hamlin and others reacted to Wallace’s post

On Wallace’s post, his wife Amanda asked for photo credit, but she also showed her support, as she wrote, “Ayyyeee the photo creds, proud of you!!! Let’s go racing!” Meanwhile, his boss, Denny Hamlin wrote, “Fantastic message.” 23XI Racing also posted, “Let’s get back to work.” 

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Did Wallace and Amanda break Hawaiian law?

While Wallace wrote a self-reflection post, his wife Amanda posted a similar picture with the caption, “Went $200 in debt in Hawaii.” Notably, there’s a warning signboard in her picture, which says, “Do Not Pass This Point, Fatalities Have Occurred.” Also, there will be a $100 fine. It seems like the couple broke the law and got fined $200, as her post indicated. 

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