Bubba Wallace Insider Urges NASCAR to Respond to Ryan Blaney’s Plea for Help


A recent crash involving Ryan Blaney at the Nashville Superspeedway has sparked a debate about the safety standards in NASCAR. Blaney hit a wall that had no SAFER barrier, resulting in a severe impact that left him injured. Bubba Wallace's spotter, Freddie Kraft, has called for urgent action to improve safety measures across all tracks.

Bubba Wallace Insider Urges NASCAR to Respond to Ryan Blaney’s Plea for Help

Ryan Blaney was involved in a terrifying wreck during the Ally 400 race on June 20, 2023. He slammed head-on into the inside wall of the track, where there was no SAFER barrier to cushion the blow. He described the collision as the "hardest hit" he had ever experienced, and asked for help over the radio. 

The lack of SAFER barriers in NASCAR

NASCAR tracks have SAFER barriers installed, leaving some areas vulnerable to severe impacts. Blaney's crash occurred precisely where there was no SAFER barrier, exposing him to a greater risk of injury.

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The call for action from Bubba Wallace's Insider 

Freddie Kraft, who is Bubba Wallace's spotter and a co-host of the podcast 'Door Bumper Clear', voiced his concerns about the safety standards in NASCAR after Blaney's crash. He said, "We just have to step up as an industry and make this stuff safer." He also highlighted the alarming trend of crashes occurring in peculiar spots on the track, emphasizing that the sport needs to address these vulnerabilities urgently.

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