Dale Earnhardt Jr Deciphers the Secret Behind NASCAR Fans Going Bonkers About Carl Edwards


In the 2016 NASCAR Cup Series, Carl Edwards came really close to winning the championship; however, a crash in the finale ended all his hopes. As a result, he decided to retire after the 2016 season.

In Darlington recently, he made his comeback but on the commentary booth, as fans went wild. Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently talked about Edwards’ possible return to NASCAR.

Edwards’ life after retirement 

In his podcast, ‘Dale Jr Download’, Earnhardt Jr said, “I can tell in his eyes that it pains him a little bit, to have to be quite honest about that. He has thought about little bit. But hey, he is having a great time, he is traveling the world, he is seeing so much with his family.”

Dale Jr. talks about fans' reaction after seeing Edwards

In his podcast, Earnhardt Jr. said that the fans went crazy after seeing Edwards. He stated, “So, They were thrilled to see him and obviously he has been hammered about being back in the race car.”

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Edwards talks about missing NASCAR

“It was easy to not race when I first stepped away, but it’s getting harder and harder. I like sliding stuff around and driving cars. So there’ll be a time when I go do something. Maybe sim work, something like that … to see if I could still drive. It’s a step-by-step process.”

Edwards opens up about his future

“I love racing cars. I love driving cars. But I want to do it at 100%. For me, to step away from the sport when I did, I got to go do the things that I wanted to do 100% and if I ever come back, I want to be able to give it all I got.”

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