Dale Earnhardt Jr Details What “Motorsports Are All About” as He Dreams of Jimmie Johnson’s Le Mans Entry Having a Greater Impact on NASCAR

The iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans in France has been long revered as the pinnacle of endurance racing. Moreover, during one of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s recent podcasts, the revered ex-driver brought up the idea of how it would be fascinating to incorporate such an event into the regular NASCAR Cup Series schedule.

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What did Dale say?

“They’re gonna learn so much through this experience. What will it take, you know to have, to maybe find a way to get our cup series schedule?”

What did he say in addition?

“My hope is that this somehow influences NASCAR to find a way to get on this. You know, to become either part of a 24-hour event or incorporate an endurance race into our own season…So that would be really fascinating for me.”

Junior on endurance

Regarding the risk entailed for the team and drivers to keep their cars in one piece during the race, Junior said, “That’s what motorsports are all about.” He then justified his point by mentioning an age-old quote about motorsport, “(It’s) a test of man and machine.”

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