Dale Earnhardt Jr. discloses significant concerns with the latest Japanese entrant in NASCAR track.


Dale Earnhardt Jr., the two-time Daytona 500 winner, recently tested a new Japanese entry in the NASCAR track. His experience revealed some significant issues with the car's braking system.

The Test Drive

The Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup, traditionally confined to road and street courses, decided to test its mettle on the Martinsville Speedway. NASCAR Hall of Famers Bobby Labonte and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were part of this test.

The Unusual Brake System

After driving the Mazda for about a dozen laps, Dale Jr. expressed concerns about the car's impulsive brakes. He described the braking as almost like push button, where touching the pedal starts to clamp and slow the car down.

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Positive First Impressions Despite Issues

Despite the unusual braking system, Dale Jr.'s first impressions of the car were positive. The journey that an MX-5 car goes through to enter the tracks of America is quite interesting, starting from Mazda’s Hiroshima factory as regular road cars, they get shipped to the garages of development partner Flis Performance in Florida. It is in these shacks that the cars undergo immense modifications that transform them into race cars.

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