Dale Earnhardt Jr Urges NASCAR Drivers to Hold Everybody Accountable “Such as Bubba Wallace & Denny (Hamlin)”

Despite retiring a few years ago now, Dale Earnhardt Jr is still very much involved in NASCAR and the affairs therein. This was once again on display after Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace shed the spotlight back on the concerns with the Next Gen car after the Clash at the Coliseum.

Dale’s advice

“Drivers are always going to be in some element of danger driving racecars. Drivers should never be satisfied with the situation they’re in. They should always be outspoken about with any concerns they have, such as Denny (Hamlin) and Bubba Wallace post the Clash,” Junior said. “They need to talk, they need to hold everybody accountable.”

What did he say in addition?

“Now we also got to know, yes we need to be on a quest of safety all the time but we also have to accept the idea that this is terribly dangerous and there will never be a fully 100% safe alternative other than just not getting in the car at all. Is this car rigid in the area? Yes. Will NASCAR try to identify and find solutions to that? Yes.”

NASCAR needs a push

“I do have confidence that there’s a lot of loud conversations about it midway through the 2022 season,” he claimed. “Drivers rightfully angered and pushing NASCAR to get some momentum. It’s a process,” he added.

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