Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Sister Reveals Hidden Motive Behind Hip-Hop Icon Drake Donning a Dale Earnhardt Merchandise

Canadian rapper Drake was recently spotted wearing Dale Earnhardt’s merchandise and it has taken the NASCAR world by surprise. Interestingly, it was Dale Jr’s sister who revealed the real reason behind this.

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What did Steve Lauletta have to say about the incident?

“Back in the day when I was at Miller and we were marketing the hell out of Rusty Wallace and commercials, Budweiser were doing the same for Dale Jr. These [Today’s] big brands aren’t doing as much of the marketing to make these drivers as recognizable as they have been in the past.”

What was Kelley’s reply?

Kelley stepped in and said, “We broke through today with Drake wearing the Dale Earnhardt jacket.” Dale Jr’s sister is the CEO of JR Motorsports and there is a high chance that the Drake news was one of the marketing gimmicks as Lauletta explained.

Drake shows off his love for NASCAR

The 36-year-old hip-hop superstar called for a wild reaction when he donned Dale Sr’s famous jacket in one of his latest social media posts. There were some amazing reactions from the NASCAR faithful. “GOAT WEARING THE GOAT MERCH” looked like one of the best comments.

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