Denny Hamlin Doesn’t Think Ross Chastain Has Changed Despite His Brutal Response to Rick Hendrick


Ross Chastain had a tremendous weekend in Nashville, as he won the race after a 42-race winless streak. The Trackhouse Racing driver has suffered plenty of backlash this season, particularly from HMS boss Rick Hendrick for his aggressive driving. 

Meanwhile, Denny Hamlin thinks Chastain is still the same despite the win, as he talked about Mr. H’s earlier comments. 

Mr. H’s previous comments about Chastain

Earlier at Darlington, Chastain’s on-track antics cost HMS driver Kyle Larson big time. An angry Rick Hendrick said after the race, “I don’t care if he’s driving a Chevrolet if he wrecks our cars. I don’t care. I’ve told Chevrolet that. If you wreck us, you’re going to get it back. If you don’t do it, they’ll run all over you.”

Chastain and Justin Marks talked about Mr. H’s comments 

After getting the victory in Nashville, Chastain said, “When Mr. Hendrick criticizes publicly, it’s tough. He’s *the* guy and everybody knows what he says goes.” Chastain’s boss, Justin Marks also criticized Chastain publicly after the Darlington incident. He also recently said that he had a chat with Mr. H and Chastain, which was mostly a friendly conversation. 

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Denny Hamlin talks about Mr. H’s previous comments

In his ‘Actions Detrimental’ podcast, Denny Hamlin said, “This is really the first we’ve seen Ross in a while, right? Ever since Darlington, when Mr. H gave him the old ‘better stop wrecking my cars’… First thing I thought was Mr. Hendrick doesn’t turn the button off on the old information share at the old technical center on him, but they came back strong.”

Hamlin shares his thoughts about Chastain

“It was one of a dominant weekend really for the #1 car, winning the race, winning the pole, being fast in practice, and so, I think this whole narrative of them backing him down, I think that just it was circumstances whereas cars weren’t fast, you know, over the last month or so. I think he’s still very aggressive and will race the way that Ross races, which is good and successful for him.”

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