Denny Hamlin Knows How to Laugh at Himself Amid Shocking Kurt Busch Revelation

Although Kurt Busch retired at the end of the 2022 season, Denny Hamlin’s revelation indicates there might be a possibility of him returning.

What did Denny say?

“That’s kind of the gameplan for us with our 23 XI team is that if Kurt decides that he wants to run races, we have to be prepared for that. And we have to be prepared to feel a very competitive race car. And so by us doing this with Travis, it allows us as a race team to build that depth. “

What are Hamlin’s plans for the team?

“We’ve been very lean on our personnel for the first two, three years of our inception. Now we’re starting to build some depth to, you know, you always have crew members out for family reasons or health reasons.”

Denny mocks himself

In a recent interview, Denny Hamlin shared a lot of intel about where his co-owned team and drivers are heading. He couldn’t resist cracking a joke about the way he looked in the interview.

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