Denny Hamlin Refuses to “Point Fingers” at Perennial Enemy Ross Chastain After LA Coliseum Fallout

It was a much-awaited day for the NASCAR world to witness the race at The Clash at the Coliseum ahead of the Daytona 500. With a lot of excitement also came some traction, or lack of it for Denny Hamlin.

What happened?

The Clash at the Coliseum went under caution during the 74th lap after Hamlin spun. It was none other than Chastain in his #1 Chevrolet Camaro that bumped Hamlin’s #11 Toyota Camry.

What did Denny say?

“I mean, I could be mad at Ross if I can be mad at five other guys and about seven others could be mad at me. It’s hard to really point fingers. Certainly, I’m not happy, but I mean, what can you do? We’re all just jammed up there.”

What did he say in addition?

“I ran later. You know, after I saw how low he was, I went just as low and probably wiped somebody out. I think I don’t even know after that, so it’s hard to really kind of point fingers with all the chaos that was going on.”

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