Denny Hamlin Rubbishes NASCAR’S Fan-Favorite $116 Million Effort Along With Iconic Trophy, Ready to Be Dragged

This year’s All-Star race in NASCAR will take place at the North Wilkesboro Speedway, an iconic race track. Recently, the trophy for the All-Star race was revealed. Denny Hamlin, who recently won the Kansas race, took a brutal dig at the trophy; moreover, he blasted another iconic trophy as well. 

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All-Star trophy for 2023

After a $116 million restoration, North Wilkesboro Speedway is returning in the 2023 calendar. Moreover, the All-Star race will take place from May 19 to 21. For this event, Call Family Distillers developed custom-built North Wilkesboro Speedway trophies, which got a retro feel to them. 

Denny Hamlin blasts the All-Star trophy

After NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass posted a picture of the trophy, Denny Hamlin wrote, “Is this a trophy or a piece of art? Does it say winner anywhere on it? Date? I love cool unique trophies but feel like they should look like trophies.”

Hamlin took a dig at another iconic trophy

In the same tweet, Hamlin said, “Martinsville clock isn’t that prestigious to me. Why? You can buy one from the store right down the road. Only 2 of my clocks actually have any writing on them saying signifying they were “won”. It’s just a clock that families of means owned about 40 years ago.”

Many fans agree with Hamlin

After Hamlin’s rant on Twitter, many fans actually agreed with him. One user wrote, “Noting was worse than this.” One more person said, “Your right about the clock. Jeff Gordon's last win clock with no info on it.” Another user wrote, “Nah, you’re actually so right for this.”

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