Denny Hamlin Uses Chase Elliott’s Example to Put a Full-Stop to Ty Gibbs & Kyle Busch Comparisons

Kyle Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing parted ways last year. With the two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion departing, Tyler Gibbs, aka Ty Gibbs, was chosen to replace him.

Denny’s expectations from Ty

“And he’s got some great short-track racers. Martin Truex Jr. obviously winning the Clash and he’s been one of the best short-track racers in my opinion over the last few years. So, I think that my expectation for him is to probably contend for a playoff spot. I think it will be tough if he doesn’t win to get in but it’s just so hard.”

Denny uses Chase’s example

“He’s [Ty Gibbs] so young, we have to really be patient with some of these young guys. Some of the best ones, Chase Elliott, and these guys didn’t hit their strides till three-four years in and 25 years old. You know he’s [Ty Gibbs]20 right? So let’s just all be patient and not compare him to who is who’s stepping in for.”

Denny has shown his support before

The 42-year-old was quick to come out in support of Ty Gibbs when he lost his father, Coy Gibbs last year.

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