“Didn’t Have the B*lls to Do It” – Dale Earnhardt Jr Once Turned Down an Offer to Follow in Jeff Gordon’s Footsteps

After winning four Cup Series championships, Jeff Gordon established himself as a legendary figure in the nation and became a popular guest on many renowned late-night shows. Recently, Dale Earnhardt Jr claimed that nearly two decades ago, he might have turned down an offer to follow in Jeff Gordon’s footsteps due to one simple reason.

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What happened?

NASCAR crew chief Steve Letarte recently made an appearance on the Dale Jr. Download podcast alongside two-time Busch Series champ Dale Jr. During the discussions, Letarte quoted a fan’s question and asked if Junior ever had the opportunity to be a host on Saturday Night Live.

What did Dale say?

“No! That time has came and went, man. I mean, if I could have done it, it would have been in 04, 05, 06. I might have gotten asked to do it. I might have turned it down because I was too scared to do it.”

Why did Dale turn down the offer?

“It feels like we might have gotten one years ago, almost 20 years ago. And I would absolutely have turned it down out of pure fear of doing it. And then Jeff does it and I’m thinking, ‘Damn! That’s one thing that Jeff had the b*lls to do that I probably didn’t have the b*lls to do it.’ And so, kudos to him and he did a great job, right?”

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