Fans Expose NASCAR’s Double Standards as Michael Jordan’s Racing Prodigy Becomes a Victim of Sporting Authority’s Wrath


The Michael Jordan-Denny Hamlin-based organization, 23XI Racing received a big blow, as their star prodigy, Tyler Reddick received a point deduction because they were found in violation of Section of the Rule Book.

However, many fans disagreed with the ruling, as they call it NASCAR’s double standards. 

Tyler Reddick was eying for the playoffs

Reddick was eying for the playoff spot, as he recently said, “I’m really, really curious to see what our potential is. We want to make the playoffs. Everyone set a goal for top-10 in points, but we don’t want to be content with that. We want to keep pushing.”

A big blow to Reddick’s playoff chances 

NASCAR deducted 10 driver points and 10 owner points from the #45 team. As per section of the Rule Book, “Any and all ballast added to the vehicle must be secured inside a ballast container(s). … Additional ballast containers will not be permitted to be added to the chassis.” Unfortunately, they found added ballast in car #45 during pre-qualifying. 

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Fans Expose NASCAR’s Double Standards 

Fans are not happy with NASCAR’s ruling, as one person on Twitter said, “And they say Nascar is biased towards Hendrick???” One more user said, “He gets to keep his crew chief that’s unfair especially after making the hendrick crew chief sit out a month.”

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