Hendrick Motorsports Legend Jimmie Johnson Reignites Rivalry With NASCAR Legend 

Looks like Blake Shelton will rekindle the Jimmie Johnson-Clint Bowyer rivalry as they join him for Monday’s episode of Barmageddon.

Why did Shelton choose Johnson?

It’s not surprising that Shelton chose to invite Johnson to the show as they are great friends and Shelton even helped him design his first helmet.

What did Johnson say about designing the helmet with Blake?

“At this point in my career and my life, I just want to do fun things with friends. And to have this opportunity to design the helmet together for supporting the American legion. It’s memorial day weekend. Blake’s family served, my grandfather served.”

What was Blake’s initial idea?

Blake Shelton’s idea was shocking. Johnson said, “Blake wanted to sow a mullet to the back of that car.” “He’s like man, it’ll be so cool, mullet in the back when you put your helmet on.”

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