“He’s Doing a Really Good Job”: Kyle Busch Reveals the Name of the Person Responsible for Chevrolet’s Success in 2023

With three out of three wins so far this campaign, they have been up to a flying start. For the longest time, Kyle Busch was associated with Toyota, but it all changed after he joined Richard Childress Racing. He’s now using a Chevrolet car and couldn’t speak highly enough of them.

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Kyle gives credit where it’s due

“But no seriously, I’m going to give a huge props to Eric Warren [Chevrolet’s Director of NASCAR Programs], his group, his team, and everybody at the Chevy Tech Center. They have been doing a really good job and a lot of stuff behind the scenes has kind of been happening.”

A change in Kyle’s attitude

Fans have often perceived Busch as being a notorious character. Post his JGR breakup, NASCAR spotter Brett Griffin pointed out a big change in Busch’s approach on the Door Bumper Clear podcast. He suggested how the Nevada-born driver is getting wiser with time.

What did Brett say?

“I don’t think this is crazy, but him [Busch] going back to Chevrolet helps his brand. He’s back to where he started and Chevrolet has a huge following and it helps his brand to be back there. I think it gets some of the haters to get off his back. Maybe he is getting wiser in his old age.”

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