“If I Ever See This A**hole…” - Dale Earnhardt Jr Opens up About Holding a Grudge Against One Particular Driver Since 1996


Dale Earnhardt Jr. is undoubtedly one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history. Moreover, he was one of the nicest race car drivers during his racing career. 

However, he recently talked about holding a grudge against one particular driver since 1996, who retired back in 2016. 

Dale Jr’s tremendous career

Just like his father, Dale Earnhardt, Dale Jr also had a tremendous career, which earned him a spot on the list of the top 75 NASCAR drivers of all time. He won 2 Xfinity Series Championships. His best finish in the Cup Series came in 2003 when he finished 3rd. He also had many on-track rivals during his career. Matt Kenseth was one of them. However, Dale Jr. holds a grudge against another driver. 

Dale Jr. talks about holding a grudge

In the latest episode of The Dale Jr. Download podcast, Earnhardt Jr revealed, “I am holding a grudge from ‘96, with a particular driver who is long retired, but if I ever see this a**hole on the track … Carl Edwards has not been to the racetrack or watched the race in 15 months. I don’t know, a long time, right?”

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Edwards retired early

The 2007 Xfinity Series champion, Edwards was one of the greatest NASCAR drivers ever. He also finished in 2nd place in the Cup Series twice in his career. However, after the 2016 season, he decided to step away from NASCAR due to personal reasons. Recently, he was named in the list of top 75 NASCAR drivers. 

Dale Jr. revealed his conversation with Edwards

Dale Jr was attending NASCAR’s 75 Greatest Drivers list unveiling at Darlington, where he met Edwards. He said, “We have these 75 greatest drivers of NASCAR doing at Darlington, bringing a lot of us together. I am sitting on this stage with the other 74 greatest drivers. And so Carl is sitting next to me, so I am like damn Carl! I haven’t seen you so long. What have you been doing? He is like I am building a boat, sailing over to Europe.”

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