“It Was His Fault. He Caused It”- Chase Elliott Once Put a Wreck’s Blame on Bubba Wallace in a 2015 Interview

Bubba Wallace and Chase Elliott’s friendship goes way back in time. The two were even involved in a car wreck back in 2014 when they were on a trip.

What did Chase say?

“As you can imagine, a trip to Colorado with four or five guys, you know, it was fun, we did a lot of skiing, tried a lot of adventures on the mountain. I wrecked a rental car, kinda,” Elliott said, before deflecting blame to Wallace. “It was his fault. He caused it.”

Wallace and Chase have come a long way

Chase has one Cup Series championship to his name while Bubba has just started getting into the groove running up front with just two wins to his name to date.

Fire and ice

Elliott stays mostly calm and neutral with his responses when things go wrong. However, his friend Wallace is what one would say is a tad bit controversial at times.

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