"Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr Were Both at Risk.." Hendrick Motorsports Legends' Shortcomings Paved the Way for Controversial NASCAR System

For a fairly long time, NASCAR has been implementing the use of a Playoff system. Over here, 16 drivers are separated from the pack and are in contention to fight for the championship. From there, the 16 drivers are systematically eliminated until a final showdown between four contenders in the last race. 

Earnhardt joins Mike Davis for a podcast!

In the early stages, the Playoffs blanketed the Top 10 drivers, before increasing to 12 and later on to 16. In light of this, ex-Hendrick Motorsports star, Dale Earnhardt Jr and podcast co-host Mike Davis asked NASCAR CEO Brian France about the expansion.

What Davis had to say about this?

Davis said, "Is it not true that the expansion from 10 to 12. I remember the year, it might have been 2005 or 06, Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr were both at risk of not making the field. If I remember it correctly, the field expanded right after that, cause I don't think either one of them made it."

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