Kenny Wallace’s “Dumb Mother****er” Rant Left Dale Earnhardt Jr Panicking in Front of Wife Amy 


Former Cup Series driver, Kenny Wallace, is known for his wit and outspoken personality. He often drops videos of various interviews on his YouTube channel, which has become really popular. 

He recently dropped some truth bombs regarding the recent lottery season in America, which left Dale Earnhardt Jr panicking in front of his wife, Amy. 

Kenny Wallace talks about the lottery season

The North American lottery system is massively popular, as it generates huge revenue. Often, tickets are sold at gas stations and people standing in a queue scratch the tickets, which could be annoying for other people standing in the queue. In a recent Instagram post, Wallace gave a shout-out to those people, as he wrote, “It’s that time of the year for some reason.”

Wallace gave a warning to those people 

Credit - Kenny Wallace Instagram

Wallace shared a video on Instagram, where he used some explicit language and sent a message, saying, “For you dumb mother****ers, that stand in line to get your little scratch off. Your f***ing money and everything. Hurry the f**k up.”

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Dale Jr’s hilarious response 

In the comment section, Dale Jr wrote, “Sh** came up on my phone and I’m scrambling for the volume button so I don’t get no side eye from Amy with the kids sittin right here.” In reply, Wallace wrote, “Tell Amy that I am a lover, and I mean ALL FUN.”

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