“I Got Hoodwinked”—NASCAR Driver Reveals How He Fell Victim to Bubba Wallace’s Prank War

Published 06/12/2023, 10:16 AM EDT

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It is a known fact that NASCAR is perhaps one of the most competitive sports that could ever exist. It is this competition that dictates the drivers’ strategies as they set out to rule the tracks. They won’t even budge an inch or let the other drivers pass them, and occasionally this leads to the locking of horns with other drivers and putting them at odds with each other. 

There have been numerous instances where drivers have been involved in post-race banters and at times, this has led to fist-fights. But this does not imply that cordial relations are absent from the NASCAR paddock. The history of NASCAR is replete with examples where strong friendships have been forged between the drivers, who have stood beside one another through thick and thin.

One such example is Bubba Wallace and Ryan Blaney, who have charmed the world with their friendship and also antics. Moreover, it’s the 23XI Racing driver who is always up to new horseplay and employing it on his best friend, one instance being at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The prank also involved other drivers, such as Landon Cassill and Daniel Suarez, who also got pranked in the process.  


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Bubba Wallace pranks Ryan Blaney and sets up Landon Cassill and others in the process

The friendship between the two 30-year-olds has always been an absolute fan favorite for quite a long time. The drivers are as different as Chalk and Cheese. Blaney is more reserved in nature and shies away from exhibiting his emotions. While Wallace has always been the outspoken one and always speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences. 

Bubba Wallace may have been the subject of controversies in the ongoing season due to his winless streak. But that does not stop him from celebrating his best friend’s recent win at the Coca-Cola 600, who ended his 59-race-long winless drought in a rain-delayed race. In order to congratulate his friend from Team Penske, Wallace called him up but to his disappointment, Blaney did not answer. 

The 23XI Racing driver then brought together a star-studded cast, which included Daniel Suarez, Kenny Wallace, Sam Mayer, and Landon Cassill to congratulate him. But it seems that it was Landon Cassill who was also pranked in the process, as he revealed in a conversation with the Money Lap.

The driver revealed the fact, I got hoodwinked! I get a Cameo request, I get this request from a Duhrell […] and it was just this, congratulate Ryan on winning his marathon, this weekend from his friend Darrell or Duhrell, but I didn’t know. I did think that something was up, 2 hrs after I sent the request the tweet gets posted and it was Darrell Wallace—Bubba Wallace.

“It’s Bubba Wallace, playing this prank on really us and Ryan Blaney at the same time, I don’t really know. But it was genius social media. You have to go to my Twitter, I think I retweeted it or go on Bubba’s Twitter and find it, it was from a week ago. But it was really good.”

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Tyler Reddick, Wallace’s teammate, also fell victim to his tomfoolery


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It seems that Wallace has a knack for playing pranks on his fellow drivers, and this is not the first time that the 23XI Racing driver has played one of the drivers. He had earlier in the season played a prank on his teammate, Tyler Reddick, during a joint press conference


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The driver had sneaked in weird words to confuse his teammate and the media personnel. Both the media journalist and Tyler Reddick were beyond confused as to what transpired in his head. To cite an example, Wallace while replying to a question asked by a journalist, the driver replied, Yeah if you just ferment the competition there. Little cobby-wobble out there.”  


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Nevertheless, this kind of friendship is surely a rarity in the grid of NASCAR. These instances assert the fact, there are certain things that have a deeper meaning than just mere competition for the top spot. These two friends are surely setting some friendship goals for the NASCAR enthusiasts and setting the goals higher for them.

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