Kyle Busch's highest-paid driver status questioned after M&ms quits NASCAR

Love him or hate him, doesn’t change the fact that Kyle Busch is a household name and fan favorite. Incidentally, he is also the highest-paid driver in the sport.

Busch’s pay

Despite moving to RCR for the 2023 season, Busch’s record-high pay of $16,900,000 was a massive four million more than the driver next in line. Just a year prior to that, Busch used to earn a total of $17.8 million out of the entire NASCAR grid.

Which other drivers make the cut?

Denny Hamlin, Martin Truex Jr. and Kevin Harvick are the only other drivers that make it into the 8-figure range.

Who are Busch’s sponsors?

Back in December, RCR announced that 3CHI, Alsco, Lenovo, and BetMGM would join in as additional sponsors for Busch’s car. Moreover, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen would be their new primary sponsor.

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