NASCAR Fans Rejoice as Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha Announces Daughter’s Health Is “On the Mend” After Initial Scare

Seeing the amount of love NASCAR fans shower on Kyle Busch, his wife Samantha and their kids, it is safe to say that the four make one adorable family that the NASCAR community can’t get enough of. Especially with all the ups and downs going on in their lives, the family could use the love and backing of their fans.

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What happened?

Taking to her Instagram, Samantha revealed that her daughter’s health was not good as she not only lost her tooth but also had a fever. This was a difficult time for not only the four but also the blogger’s parents. Fortunately, that was in the past and she now has a fresh update for her social media family.

Samantha updates fans

“What a beautiful evening in NC! Got out to get some fresh air. It’s been a rough couple of days for Lennix (and mom and dad all night!) but happy to say she seems to be on the mend. I’m just waiting to see if another tooth pops thru soon!”

Fans appreciate the Busch family

A few fans appreciated the family and wrote, “#1 Family in Racing!”, “Such a beautiful family! Thank you for letting us peek into your life.” Some of the fans came out in support of Rowdy for the mishap that happened at the Daytona 500. They wrote, “Good to see Kyle smiling, after a horrible break at Daytona!” and “Love the cooking videos! Go get a win for Childress this weekend! I know you can do it! No better driver in NASCAR!”

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