NASCAR Insider Puts “HALL OF FAMER” Tag on Hilarious Picture of Racecar Drowning in Snowball Derby

Cameron Leytham had a mishap on his way to the Snowball Derby in Pensacola where the straps that attached his car to a trailer broke midway through the journey.

What happened to the car?

The car rolled off and was found submerged in a swimming pool at the Red Roof Inn in Tillman’s corner. Luckily, the pool was empty at the time.

What did Brett Griffin say?

What did Leytham say?

“We were real bummed, but once we got it out, we decided we were gonna make the race and worked all night”.

How did Leytham perform at the race?

Leytham and his crew managed to revive the car back to racing conditions which led the #8 car in bagging third place in the race.

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