After Joe Gibbs & Denny Hamlin Fulfilled His Personal Request 9 Years Ago, Michael Jordan Was Once Left “Nervous” for His Future Business Partner


Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan formed a great partnership to build a NASCAR team called 23XI Racing, which is currently competing in the Cup Series.

However, before they formed a partnership, Jordan met with Hamlin quite a few times. One time, Hamlin recalled inviting Jordan to his race and the former NBA player was really nervous. 

Jordan and Hamlin’s partnership

In 2020, Jordan and Hamlin formed the 23XI Racing team and appointed Bubba Wallace as their marquee signing. In 2021, they made their debut at Daytona 500. Since then, they have been competing in the Cup Series. Although they have not won a championship, they are still competing with the likes of HMS, RCR, and others. 

Hamlin was surprised by Jordan’s NASCAR knowledge 

Credit - Pardon My Take YouTube

While appearing on the ‘Pardon My Take’ podcast, Hamlin was asked about Jordan’s NASCAR knowledge. Hamlin said, “He asked me all the time questions about certain races… I was at a Hornets’ game and he actually stopped me… he’s like ‘hey take my number real quick and we will kinda keep in touch…’” As per Hamlin, Jordan said, “My dad used to take me to NASCAR races when I was a kid and I just latched onto racing ever since then.”

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When Jordan was nervous for Hamlin

In 2014, Joe Gibbs and Denny Hamlin invited Jordan to watch the Championship race. Hamlin said, “He’s standing there behind the pit box, just pacing back and forth. He says, he was nervous. Nervous for me and I was like ‘this is weird’... When I didn’t win, which sucked, he was there. Everyone had left… he was there, he had his arm around me… he’s like ‘ you know you just gotta keep digging man.’”

Credit - Pardon My Take YouTube

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