Next Gen Cars Stir Debate in NASCAR


The introduction of Next Gen cars in NASCAR has sparked a heated debate among drivers and teams. The new cars, which were initially hailed as a game-changer, are now facing criticism. 

Safety and Cost Concerns

"The Next Gen cars,… have been plagued by safety issues and escalating costs due to frequent crashes," says a driver from Rick Hendrick's garage, resulting in a backlash from the NASCAR community.

Voices from the Garage

Veterans like Denny Hamlin and Dale Earnhardt Jr are concerned about the new challenges posed by the Next Gen cars. "The issues range from passing difficulties to safety concerns," they said. Chase Elliott and Kyle Larson also expressed frustration, particularly with the power steering.

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A Radical Solution

William Byron, the current playoff leader and driver of the #24 Chevy for Hendrick Motorsports, suggests a radical solution. "Boosting horsepower could eliminate the cumbersome shifting mechanism," he said. He recalls his early racing days, saying, "They had the 850 horsepower I think it was... And I thought the racing was awesome at Martinsville." Byron believes that increasing horsepower on short tracks could recreate the thrilling races of his past.

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