“Nothing Has Changed” – Denny Hamlin & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Break Their Silence as NASCAR Drops a Massive Bombshell

The NASCAR officials recently made a huge decision, during what is believed to be the biggest penalty handed to a team in the sport’s history. Moments after the huge announcement by NASCAR, Hamlin, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared their opinions on the controversial matter.

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What was the penalty?

NASCAR has fined all Hendrick drivers, excluding Chase Elliott and Josh Berry. The drivers and the team will lose 100 points and 10 playoff points. Hendrick crew chiefs have been shown an exit for four races and fined $100K. Elsewhere, Denny Hamlin also lost 25 points and is penalized $50K, after his recent admission about intentionally running into Ross Chastain.

Denny’s response

Denny Hamlin recently reacted to NBC sports’ Nate Ryan’s throwback tweet that revealed how the three-time Daytona 500 winner was similarly treated in an unfair manner exactly a decade ago on the same day. An emotional Denny Hamlin wrote, “Nothing has changed Nate.”

Dale’s take on the decision

Dale Earnhardt Jr. also opened up on the big decision by NASCAR that showcased the sport’s rigidity, as per Hamlin. The two-time Busch series champ tweeted, “Stunning news today in @NASCAR. #DJD will have reaction to this and a lot more on tomorrow’s show. Meanwhile today the below-mentioned content drops.”

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