Outpour of Support Almost Reduces Kyle Busch’s Wife Samantha to Tears Amid Major Health Scare

Samantha Busch has always been open and vocal about her personal life and this certainly looks like another hit to her after battling infertility issues.

What happened?

Recently, Samantha posted a picture of her scalp showing a decline in hair growth and pictures of hair loss. She went through a few tests, but nothing ruled out the cause of this issue. She reached out to her fan’s family for all the help she could get.

Samantha expressed her gratitude

“You guys are amazing! It sounds like so many of us are in the same boat and I hope by posting this, many of you have found advice that will help you too. Thank you for taking something that has me so self-conscious and upset and helping me to feel less alone.”

What did she say in addition?

“I now have a list of things to check out whether it is tests, supplements, or topical. I know I still have many messages to read and respond to and am so full of gratitude for all of them.”

Fans come in clutch

Fans from everywhere reached out either to her wishing her well or helping with solutions. She got tips from famous personalities like former Monster Energy model and wife of Austin Dillon, Whitney Dillon, Marisa Zeppieri, the founder of the non-profit Lupus Chick, and cctress and entrepreneur Alyssa Milano.

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