Perennial Fan-Favorites Dale Earnhardt Jr and Chase Elliott Have This NASCAR Legend to Thank for Their Superstardom

While Dale Earnhardt Jr and Chase Elliott might be the popular faces of NASCAR today, the first decade of NASCAR fans will have a different name to call a legend.

Why Edward Glenn Roberts Jr?

Considered to be NASCAR’s first superstar, what is even more surprising is that Roberts Jr never won the Cup Series.

How did journalist Max Muhleman describe Roberts Jr?

“One of the first guys—maybe the first—to become a big winner by using brains and discipline as well as bravery and extra skill levels. When asphalt tracks arrived, Fireball [Roberts Jr.] recognized the technique was different and adapted to it in a very thoughtful and calculated way, as well as using the skills that take you far in dirt track racing.”

How did Roberts Jr get his nickname?

Roberts Jr’s moniker came as a result of his baseball pitches in childhood. As the story goes, Roberts pitched to his friend, and as soon as his friend caught it – he exclaimed “Fireball!”. That stuck.

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