“Stop Tryin’ to Tell Me What to Do” – Kyle Busch Has a Hilarious Response to His Wife’s Concern About Brexton’s 60-Race Schedule

We have seen Kyle’s son Brexton make some major strides in his racing career. With Kyle Busch being a 2-time cup champion himself, it is only natural for him to have control over his son’s racing career. But in doing so, he may have made his wife, Samantha, a bit angry.

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What happened?

Recently, she and her husband shared a hilarious video on Instagram with an overlay caption ‘When I try to tell my husband 60+ races for a 7-year-old is too much’. It is hinted that Brexton is scheduled to compete in this season, which is over 60 races, and Busch has a hilarious response to it.

Credits - Instagram: Kyle Busch, Samantha Buch

What was Kyle’s response?

When Samantha tried to tell her husband that 60 races for a seven-year-old are too much, Kyle Busch lightheartedly mocked her in a video that has since gone viral. In the video, Busch lisps over audio of a female saying: “Shhhh…Stop tryin’ to tell me what to do. I don’t listen.”

Larson’s son follows suit

Recently, Kyle Larson‘s son Owen Larson scored his first career victory at the “Beginner Box Stock” division at North Carolina’s Millbridge Speedway. “It’s super special,” Larson said in an interview, as per floracing.com. “This is his first-ever win, too. It’s really, really awesome. I know he’s pumped. He’s cold and he was super scared to do the interview.”

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