“Teach Your Kids To Lie” – Bubba Wallace Insider’s Venture Hits Honest Denny Hamlin With Sarcasm Amid $50,000 NASCAR Clash

Denny Hamlin recently admitted to intentionally crashing into Ross Chastain at the Phoenix Race. He not only admitted to doing it on purpose, but he also explained that his actuals were a form of retaliation for something that happened last year.

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What happened?

During the race at the Phoenix Raceway, Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin were adjacent to each other. Denny deliberately wrecked Chastain’s car. After Hamlin’s honest confession, NASCAR penalized him with a $50,000 fine and a reduction of 25 driver points.

Denny is poked fun at

Couch Racer, a venture of Freddie Kraft, who is also Bubba Wallace’s spotter, didn’t miss the chance to nudge Denny. They poked fun at Hamlin’s confession. Their tweet read, “Teach your kids to lie. It may save them $50,000 later in life. That’s the message.”

Denny took his revenge

In the podcast, Hamlin revealed, “I let the wheel go, and I said, ‘he’s coming with me.'” Hamlin’s act hints at revenge as he faced a somewhat similar fate to Chastain the previous year in the NASCAR Cup Series at the World Wide Technology Raceway, Madison, Illinois.

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