“That’s a Shame” – Public Outcry as Sad Daytona 500 News Emerges

Who does not want to see non-NASCAR drivers compete with regular folks on the track? That is exactly what happens during the season opener each year. However, this year’s star-studded lineup has seemed to have taken a hit.

What happened?

Earlier this year, there was quite the hype surrounding Hélio Castroneves’s appearance on the Daytona 500 grid. However, he apparently chose to withdraw from his NASCAR Cup Series season opener run.

What did journalist Nate Ryan say?

“During a ⁦@Rolex24Hours availability, I asked ⁦@h3lio if he still is working on a Daytona 500 debut next month. Helio says he has ruled out the #nascar season opener for 2023, but he still wants to race here in the future and might attend in February just to watch.“

How did fans react?

Fans were obviously disappointed. Mostly because of how he was hyped by everyone. But in the end, it was all futile. They expressed their thoughts through tweets on social media.

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