“This Is Why I Love the Busch’s”: Kyle Busch and Wife Samantha Win Over the Internet With Heartwarming Post

Kyle Busch and Samantha are all over social media as they share a reel about marriage with the caption, “Should’ve seen it coming…”

What was the reel?

The reel that got 200K views just within hours of posting is a take on the classic ‘expectations vs reality’.

How did fans react?

A fan adoringly commented, “This is why I love the Busch’s.” Another seemed to correlate with Samantha’s reality, saying, “My husband drives sprint cars this is so accurate. Floracing is literally the sound track of my life.”

Kyle Busch - The all-rounder

From giving his all on the track to being the ideal family man and giving back to society, Kyle has garnered the admiration of his fans by doing it all.

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