William Byron Unleashes Fury at Press Reminding Him of Failure

Hendrick Motorsports driver Williams Byron had a tremendous race at Darlington Speedway on Sunday, as he got his 3rd win of the season. Notably, he had 2 early wins last season but did not win a single race after that. He was reminded of that winless streak at the press and he gave a perfect response. 

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Byron’s tremendous win at Darlington Speedway 

Credit-NASCAR Twitter

On a restart with six laps to go, Ross Chastain and Kyle Larson crashed while racing for the lead, leaving Byron in front of Kevin Harvick and other drivers. Byron surged ahead of Harvick, led the final two laps, and won his 3rd race of the season. 

Byron got reminded of his winless streak 

After two early wins last year, Byron had a winless streak. This year he had two early wins as well. When asked about it in the presser, he said, “Thanks for the reminder… I think we had kind of a chip and a little bit of just trying not to let that happen again. So we’ve been probably overexerting ourselves a little bit just to make sure that we don’t repeat.”

Byron learned from the previous mistakes 

“Now I think we’re safely in a groove here where we’ve got to continue our processes, continue what got us here, but it definitely feels different than what we had last year where I felt like after we won those couple races we were kind of — we had just kind of a false confidence… We’ve learned from that. I have. I don’t intend on doing that again.”

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